Monday, August 8, 2011

Fundraising - Tack Sales, Horse Blankets and Whatnot.

Most of the money that runs HART Rescue is raised by selling horse tack and other animal related products.  Most of the tack is purchased used from other horse people but we also take donations from our generous followers of course all donations are completely tack deductible!!!  Please contact me if you have any tack you would like to sell, trade or donate to HART Rescue.  Don't be shy, we take everything regardless of condition, if we can't clean up or fix the item for resale we can salvage parts especially from horse blankets.

I get such a large amount of tack coming and going that it is too time consuming to keep a list here on the website so please email or call me to find out what we have in stock.  There is always a very large selection of all kinds of horse tack.  Everything is clean, in good repair and ready to put on the horse.

We get a large booth at the Canby Tack Sale two times a year so make sure to come and visit us in the Ely Arena at the same end as the food vendor and restrooms.

There is always a pile of tack here that is needing cleaned, sorted and priced and of course many MANY horse blankets that need to be scraped out so if you would like to volunteer an hour or so let me know and we can set up a time.

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