Tuesday, October 14, 2008

How you Can Help

I do rescue because I love animals, I always have. Rescue is not a business for me, it is just something that I do because I like it and I seem to be good at it. Please rest assured that all horses here are well cared for and will NOT GO HUNGRY if food is not donated. I never take in more then I can handle, the donations just make this a lot easier for me to help more horses and still keep my bills paid.

Although as a general rule I am not very comfortable with accepting donations I know that people just really want to help. I am eternally grateful to all of the people who have come over to help with the maintenance of my rescues and those that have brought up supplies (grain, brushes, lice dust, wormer etc.) Your generosity is greatly appreciated.


Any horse or animal related item new or used is gladly accepted no matter the condition or need for repair. I will clean and repair salvageable items and either utilize them directly for the horses or sell the item to raise funds for feed and vet bills.


If you or anyone you know would like to donate feed or daily care items, the things I need on a daily basis are:

Equine Senior
Alfalfa Pellets
Beat Pulp
Stall Pellets

If you shop at WILCO, they will give you my farm discount if you tell them JC Ranch.


If you or anyone you know would like to donate money, until I get an account set up at the feed store I would like any funds to be sent directly to:

Carlton Veterinary Services
230 South Pine Street
Carlton OR 97111


There is always a need for more expensive items. If you or anyone you know have any you would like to donate or even sell at a reduced rate it is very much appreciated.

Coral Panels
Stall Matts
Fencing Supplies
Hog Fuel


My non profit status has been approved and finalized, receipts will be sent out immediatly for donations!!!

I have any money donations sent directly to the vet because I don't want to be responsible for other people's money and I don't want anyone to have any reason to question what I've spent their money on. If you make a donation and would like to see where your money went, please email me and I will send you a scanned copy of the vet bills as they come in. If you live in the Yamhill and surrounding area and would like to come to my facility to visit the residents, bring supplies to donate for them or volunteer some help taking care of them, shoot me an email at hartrescue@yahoo.com and put Horse Rescue in the subject line.



Jessica said...

Hi Jamie. My name is Jessica Courtney. I came to your ranch last March to help with the rescued minis. I'm a senior this year and to graduate I have to complete a senior project. For my project I have organized a donation drive for H.A.R.T. I will have all of the collected items to you by the first week of December. I love what you do and would like to see more of it. Keep it up! :)

Wordgrl said...

Jamie, this is Kate I offered to help you with a website to raise funds and then I moved and lost track of you. I will be happy to help you with a site that will get HART out there for free and I am going to organize some help for you via my web network, I have a wreath I make and sell each year to raise funds last year I donated the $$ to Great Dane Rescue this year its yours!!!

Email me about the website!!