Friday, May 8, 2009

Mariah #5

Number 5 Mariah foaled 2/27/97 appx between 36 and 38 inches black and white pinto Her feet were so bad that she is going to need special care for a long time.

Number 5's feet

Mariah and her friend Shadow are at Still Point Farm Equine Hoof Rehab Center. Owned by Dr. Steve Skinner. They are barefoot trimmers and help equines to heal though correct barefoot trimming. After they have completed their rehabilitation they will be returned to HART.

April 25, 2009
Shadow and Mariah have settled in just fine. On Friday Lynda came and did their first trim. She only trim their front feet. We will let their body adjust to that, then on Wes. we will trim up their backs and re check their fronts.

Mariah (new name, for now, stinker pot) is a silly pill. She is very smart and has had a few lessons in standing still and having her feet handled. Once she figured out we were not going to take her whole leg off she stood better. Shook the whole time her foot was being held, but really she was trying very hard to cooperate. After her trim she trotted all over in her davis boots. She has a beautiful trot! Even on those ugly feet.

May 5, 2009
Mariah has been working on being a good pony! Very had work for her. She is so smart and she gives me a run for my money. I am having fun with her. She will let me cup her hind feet and hold them, but to trim ....... that is another story. She does not like you to touch her lower leg or her behind. Cannot blame her. She does not know she doesn't have to defend herself for everything. But she is coming along. Once she trusts she will be a fantastic pony. She did bite me yesterday (got my coat) she got popped once for that. The look she gave me was so funny, you could just see her thinking. Then she laid her head into my tummy. Had to just hug her.

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