Friday, May 8, 2009

Shadow #13

Number 13, Shadow (aka Shadow Dancer)(father is black and white pinto from toyland stud, mother was black appy with Orion Light Van't Huttenest lines) foaled Feb of 1997 (not very very old!!! just very bad teeth and feet. has lots of spirit and heart and one of the finest of the entire lot) appx between 32 and 33 inches black pintoloosa

13's feet

Shadow and her friend Mariah are at Still Point Farm Equine Hoof Rehab Center. Owned by Dr. Steve Skinner. They are barefoot trimmers and help equines to heal though correct barefoot trimming. After they have completed their rehabilitation they will be returned to HART.

April 25, 2009
Shadow and Mariah have settled in just fine. On Friday Lynda came and did their first trim. She only trim their front feet. We will let their body adjust to that, then on Wes. we will trim up their backs and re check their fronts.

It did take a couple hours to do both ponies. Shadow cannot stand on three legs very long so lots of rest breaks for her. After trimming she got to walk around in her blue galoshes. (Davis boots filled with water and apple cider vinegar) She is still very bright and eating well.

Shadow is a little star! She is still up and moving well even with her awful look feet. All 4 have been trimmed. She eats great and is getting an attitude. She'll pin her ears at Mariah when Mariah barrels though. Sweet with people, but she knows I do her physical therapy on her. She is not thrilled with me rotating her hooves and stretching her legs .... yet. :-) She'll "run" away from me (picture walking as fast as her little legs will go) when she know it is therapy time. I spend extra brushing time after therapy to give her something nice.

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Izzi said...

I feel Shadow would make a good therapy pony for kids with disabilities. She can show them that it's possible to overcome odds that seem impossible, can inspire them to not give up or feel sorry for themselves, and show them what it's like to be a real trouper, just like her. I'm glad you were willing to give Shadow a chance and not just put her to sleep like so many other people would do. She truly is a star.