Friday, May 8, 2009

Misti aka #4

Number 4 Misti (Shasta's daughter, sire was Melodys Mystical Mountain Magic-grulla pintoloosa) foaled 5/15/98 appx between 36 and 38 inches silver dun w/ appy characteristics

Number 4's feet

April 29, 2009
Misti had a vet appointment today and had her teeth floated and two teeth extracted to help straighten the ones left, the vet also did some work on her hooves, hopefully with this dental work Misti will put some weight on her thin body.

From Lucinda - 04/30/09
Randy (the vet) spent two hours working on Misti. Her mouth was/is a mess. She had too many teeth all crowded in there and the teeth were shoved all over the place, in addition to having lots of sharp points. He ended up pulling out 2 teeth to make more room for the remaining teeth to hopefully eventually come back into line. Then he worked on her front feet for about 45 minutes, taking alot more off. The one edge of one side of her front left had grown completely over the frog, basically the outer hoof wall had rolled over the frog so her sole was not even visible. Now it is visible and looking better from the bottom. Randy said I should de-louse her probably 2 more times because any eggs still left will hatch and there will be a lice problem again, so tomorrow I'll pick up some pyrethrin delicer (louser?) from Countryside - do you want me to pick up up for you, too? I don't know what it costs from them, but probably it is cheaper elsewhere. Randy was wondering what to do for vaccines, and I remembered that I saw the name of the vet clinic who did the initial work on the mini's on Jamie's website, so I called them and asked what they did. They said they only gave tetanus toxoid, which is different from the tetanus vaccine, so all the mini's need a real series of vaccines, of which tetanus is usually included, such as 4-way, etc, and then they'll need boosters.

Misti is going to be sore in the mouth for a few days. I have to irrigate the area where the teeth came out, and give her a little bit of bute for a day or two. Once she heals from the dental, her mouth will feel alot better than it did and her teeth can get a chance to straighten out. Randy said the way her teeth will be growing, he will probably need to shorten two of the teeth in the front every 4 months or so until things look better, but that won't be a big deal and maybe after he shows me what to do, I can do it myself.

These were sent by Misti's new owner. Notice how crowded her teeth are in her mouth. EEKS!

Here are some pictures of Misty. She still has not completely lost her winter coat, but she is looking so much better. I can send more photos in a few weeks and hopefully her winter fuzz will be gone. She had her feet trimmed again on Monday.

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